How To Choose a Strategy to Prevent COVID-19 Indoor Airborne Transmission

A Complete Guide to HVAC vs. Air Purification Solutions
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What Is This eBook About?

COVID-19 is having a significant impact on how we think about health and hygiene within buildings. People are more aware now than ever that germs loom around every corner and on every surface.

With a now conclusive body of research indicating that COVID-19 can spread through airborne aerosolized droplets, everyone around the world is thinking more about indoor air quality and air purification. This eBook dives into strategies around mitigating the risk of COVID-19 airborne transmission through air purification. In it, we provide thorough answers to important questions like:

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Should You Take Any Action At All? 

The risks around not taking action to improve the air quality are large and can create a very negative impact on employee and customer health.

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How Much Will You Spend? 

There are various solutions to help improve air quality. HVAC upgrades can be much more costly than air purification systems.

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Upgrade HVAC or Air Purification?

We provide a full comparison between the best ways to ensure cleaner air in your buildings and spaces.

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Companies are facing challenges like never before.

Indoor air quality used to be a standardized measure that required minimal thought. Now, we are more aware that indoor air quality can be the difference between keeping building occupants healthy and rapidly spreading airborne disease.

This eBook will serve as a guide to help you understand the differences between HVAC upgrades, and clean air technology like portable air purifiers. We dive into the details and break down the pros and cons of each technology to help you understand best practices, costs, and considerations.

We hope you enjoy. If you have any questions about PureAware or clean air technology, click here to contact us and speak with an expert.

- PureAware Team