Production Engineer Expert Panel


    I  May 6th, 2021 @1PM CT

    Advances in remote equipment monitoring technology have allowed Production Engineers to arrive at better decisions that lead to faster results. Armed with data lakes, Production Engineers can understand well performance, and they can uncover the best opportunities to reduce LOE, boost output, and minimize failure. Seems like fertile soil for unprecedented production performance... the words of football great Lee Corso: "NOT SO FAST!"

    Oil and Gas Data Analytics is challenging. Driving efficiencies using vast datasets - much of it collected with no regard to data quality - is a daunting task for most even the most data-savvy production engineers.


    This Production Engineer Expert Panel is here to help!

    We've gathered a diverse group of production engineers to help us answer some of the most pressing oil and gas production data analytics questions:

    • What are the business challenges we can solve using big data analysis?
    • How can we use data analytics to optimize artificial lift?
    • What are the go-to tools for data analysis?
    • How does poor data quality affect performance?
    • How do we fix poor data quality?


    Who is on the panel?

    Panelists will be named soon!


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