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    Oil and Gas Sustainability Trends and Best Practices:

    A review of top performing producers' sustainability reports and trends to look for in 2021.


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    The energy sector, specifically Oil & Gas Upstream, has survived a remarkably challenging year. COVID-19, negative oil prices, significant M&A, layoffs and restructuring has tested the Oil & Gas industry like never before. 

    Like all challenges, however, new innovations emerge. Businesses in the Oil & Gas industry are creating sustainable futures through an emphasis on ESG efforts.

    The question is, however, are these efforts making an impact?


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    This webinar includes:

    • A breakdown of best practices for improvement in each area of ESG in Oil & Gas.

      • Resource Use and Water Management

      • Carbon Emissions

      • Health & Safety

      • Pollution

    • A review of the world's top producers' sustainability reports.

    • How technology is enabling ESG initiatives.

    • New trends in Oil & Gas Sustainability that will define 2021.

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    Cameron Archer

    O&G Industry Lead




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