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On Demand Chemical for Horizontal Wells 


What's the background?

Horizontal fractured wells can produce valuable energy for decades. It's no secret, however, that production from modern shale wells quickly declines over the first few years after completion - up to 75or more within the first year! 

This eBook will show you how WellAware’s On Demand Chemical Solution with SCADA Integration helps operators achieve a positive return on investment on their automation projects for downhole chemical injection. You’ll receive the best possible outcomes: lower lifting costs, better treatment performance, and a positive relationship with chemical service providers. 

In addition, we cover:

  • The challenge of relying on chemical service providers to ensure that chemical injection rates match production in real time
  • The reasons why, up to now, Operators haven’t been able to fully automate downhole chemical injection systems
  • How WellAware On Demand Chemical delivers lower chemical costs and improved injection accuracy on production-dependent chemistries
  • How the WellAware On Demand Chemical solution solves previous automation challenges with a unique and simple approach