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    Reimagining SCADA

    A practical workshop to help you take stock of what you can monitor & control while getting the most bang for your buck

    I  Originally aired Wednesday, July 14th, 2021

    If you are an operations manager or engineer, you’ve got a lot of “equipment” in your operations. Some is process equipment, some is digital equipment, some is both.

    It can be tough to know WHAT you can monitor & control and HOW to go about doing so, especially on old or aging equipment that you may have inherited from a previous owner.

    So, what can be remotely monitored? What can be remotely controlled? What can be totally automated? Is it even worth it??

    Watch our recent workshop, Reimagining SCADA, where we answered the following questions about how to monitor & control what you already have in the most cost-effective way:

    • What can I monitor & control? - What do you do with all that existing equipment on your sites?
    • How do I choose the right sensors? - Visual gauges, analog sensors, PLCs & RTUs, and more.
    • How do I get everything connected? - What's the most reliable networking option?
    • Should I ditch what I have? - When to start fresh, and when to just add on.
    • Where should I start? - Choosing the applications with the best ROI.

    Who hosted the workshop?

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    Cameron Archer

    Content Strategy Lead



    John Morgan

    Director of Solutions Engineering



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