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    See why the world's most respected organizations choose WellAware to connect to their assets:

    > Instantly stream device data to analytics dashboards with Zero Touch provisioning

    > Measure temperature, vibrations, fluids, pressure, chemical and other electrical or mechanical inputs.

    > Monitor and control single assets or groups of assets from your phone or computer.

    > Compare real-time data to historic metrics to understand infrastructure health and performance trends.

    > Set notifications for data point thresholds that help you take control of a problem before it gets out of hand.

    WellAware's turnkey remote asset monitoring solutions are utilized in all types of operational environments and verticals:


    > Buildings

    > Facilities

    > Harsh & Hazardous 

    > Worksites

    > Production

    > Retail/Consumer


    > Agriculture

    > Energy & Waste

    > Food & Beverage

    > Healthcare

    > Manufacturing

    > Oil & Gas


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