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    Using digital technology to measure and achieve ESG performance

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    Over the past few years, ESG initiatives have come into focus as a fundamental driver of investment into companies of all sizes. Growing investment into ESG-minded funds has driven businesses to adopt new and improved sustainability initiatives that aim to minimize environmental and social impact of business operations.

    As businesses adapt to this new landscape, they are beginning to understand that measuring the positive impact of ESG initiatives can be harder than tracking traditional operational KPIs. This is where technology creates valuable opportunities.

    Digital technology is allowing companies to get more accurate baseline data, and set realistic goals that can be measured and achieved with transparency. During this webinar we cover:

    > The underlying importance of accurate, reliable, and timely data on defining baseline ESG performance and achieving positive gains.

    > How to take a data-driven approach to your ESG initiatives

    > A review of several case studies where industrial businesses are using technology to tackle complex ESG problems.

    > Best practices for capturing ESG data on material environmental, social, and governance issues










    Cameron Archer

    ESG Solution Lead


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