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Uncovering the real reasons you aren't getting anywhere with AI


What will we cover?

Big businesses the world over are reaping the fruits of big data, turning to artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to solve serious operational problems.

It seems like everyone is reducing costs, maximizing safety and sustainability, and boosting revenues along the way.

Oil & gas operations teams, on the other hand, aren't getting the same results. 

Why not?

In this webinar, we were joined by our partners at Amazon Web Services to expose the challenges that legacy operational technology creates for oil & gas companies seeking an edge from machine learning, data lakes, and big data analytics.

We provided a path - with examples - that you can take to steer your operations teams in the right direction.

Whether you're in upstream, midstream, or oilfield services, you'll gain important knowledge about the importance of deploying data collection, storage, and governance systems that maximize your chances for insights down the road.

Specifically, we talk about:

  • Real projects where oil & gas companies can benefit from artificial intelligence and advanced analytics.
  • The unique challenges energy companies face when attempting to wrangle big data.
  • The trifecta - skills gaps, remote environments, and aging technology - that bog down oil & gas data analytics.
  • The 10 boxes you must check for "analytics-ready data" - and what happens when they go unchecked.
  • Practical examples of how WellAware and AWS customers have overcome these data quality hurdles to score some big wins.


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Cameron Archer

Marketing Director & Moderator


Matt Harrison

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Keith Norman

Head of Technology Partnerships, Energy
Amazon Web Services